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The Legal Umbrella

We all grew up in an age of legal TV dramas. Perry Mason and Law & Order immediately come to my mind. Of course, Addicus Finch was a literary character, but he also comes to mind because he is what drew me into the idea of law. A figure of character and moral conviction, he stands as a stalwart example of the ideal southern attorney.

But the one thing that these shows have in common, besides an unusually quick turnaround on case resolution, is that they are all focused on contentious situations. Whether it be murder, rape, theft or the like, our idea of the law seems shaped in these examples.

A question for you: have you ever considered the law as, instead of a spear, an umbrella? Legal representation in the United States obviously focuses on a large amount of things, but consider this: the law, while feisty and controversial, can provide protection for you and your family if used to its full extent.

Not just protection from the crimes of others, but proactive, immediate, necessary protection for you as a parent, husband, wife, grandparent, elder, newlywed and more. My focus here, and in practice, is to help you create a financial and emotional future for you and your loved ones that builds an umbrella of protection around the things we know happen: death, accident, aging and more.

Reach out to me today and let’s sit down to talk about using the legal umbrella for you.